Mag. Art. Mario SCHLEINZER

Where are you from, and where do you currently reside?

I was born in Vienna, in Austria and still live in Vienna!

From where do you draw inspiration for your work?

When I started with my work as an artist, following an inner calling, I admired the Old Masters of painting, especially the surrealists. I learned that the group of “ Fantastic Realists“ was founded in Vienna by my later teacher Wolfgang Hutter and Arik Brauer, Rudolf Hausner, Ernst Fuchs and some more artist was inspired by the ideas of the movement of “Surrealism“! So I applied at the masterclass of Professor Hutter, where I studied and finished with diploma. Nowadays I take my inspirations from defining my own psych and find symbols to translate my feelings for the beholder of my paintings. The basic intention is to analyze myself and bring the results of it into a picture in order to keep myself in emotional balance.

What are your preferred mediums?

My working process and my preferred media could be described briefly

with the following list:

Idea: Experience, feelings, irritation.

Design: More or less detailed sketch on paper.

Picture Carrier: hardboard with Gesso as a painting surface, which is sandpapered to be absolutely plane.

Underpainting: several layers with colored pencil and acrylic color.

Finishing: thin layers of resin oil colors.

What do you gain from involvement in the arts?

It fills life with sense. There is a creative urge in me that forces me to work and the process of work makes me happy. I can create my own world, that let me forget everything around me. painting is my self-fulfillment!

What would you most like to experience in life?

I find my self-fulfillment in my daily work and this is the experience, which I hope to find in future too.

Are there any quotes, stories, or works that motivate you?

Salvador Dali and the famous Austrian painter Rudolf Hausner

inspired me very much, when I was a young man, and studying painting.

Also the „Manifest of Surrealism“, The „Pantastic Realism „ and many, many more. Last but not least also our famous Viennese psychiatrist Sigmund Freud!

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