1961 born in Vienna

1985-87 Studied painting for four semesters at the”Wiener Kunstschule.”

1987-92 Studied panting and graphic at the “University of applied Arts” in Vienna,
at the masterclass of Prof Wolfgang Hutter, leaving with diploma.

Since 1990 teacher at the “Wiener Kunstschule”, the “Künstlerischen Volkshochschule”, the “Die Kunst VHS” and the ” VHS Donaustadt.”

Since 2012 can befound in the “Lexicon of Fantastic Realism”


Short Biography Mario Schleinzer
(based on a German biography, written by Marlene Haag)

Mario Schleinzer was born on 31 March 1961 in Vienna. The artist grew up in Himberg, a town in Lower Austria, which lies a few kilometers south of Vienna. Commuting between metropolitan and contemplative village life was business as usual for him, from childhood on. Finally Schleinzer found his home in Vienna in the early 1990s.

Having been brought up in the country, in a bourgeois environment, which showed no special interest in fine arts, Mario Schleinzer opted a different world, and went in 1985 to the Vienna School of Arts, where he studied painting under Peter Carer for four semesters. In this art school Schleinzer finally found like-minded people, while his hometown social environment always had entirely different interests. Carer saw his enthusiasm and talent for painting so he recommended an application to the University of Applied Arts. Where Mario Schleinzer found his artistic home with his surreal, fantastic images in the master class of Wolfgang Hutter. With the entry in the lexicon of the fantastic artists in 2012, Schleinzer got now the same appreciativeness like his famous predecessors and teachers.

Already during his studies at the University Schleinzer began his teaching career at the Vienna Art School and at different locations of the Wiener Volkshochschulen. The contact to his students, teaching and sharing experience and knowledge with them and finally seeing how they develop over the years, was and is still a pleasure for him.

Painting represents an introversive glance for Mario Schleinzer. He needs no long journeys into far, foreign countries, when one can barely decipher the strange and unknown areas of his or her own subconsciousness during ones short period of existence on this planet. So exploring the world, means for him to track down the real existence of a human being by exploring his deep hidden emotions.

Producing art allows the artist not only a special communication with himself, it is also for him the only way to be able to express the complexity of his personal perception. It is a visualization of feelings and thoughts and it is a view of his individual reflections of the impressions of the outer world. The Paintings are a kind of display of the innermost feelings, thoughts and interpretations of the Painter. The meaning is translated into symbolic values of the objects, shapes and colors. The artist opens his world, invites the recipient to take a look into his heart, but nevertheless the viewer is left in the dark.

For technique and framing of images:
The painting is carried out on a self-preprocessed hardboard. After the transfer of a design, the further development of the painting is done in countless operations with color pencils and layers of aqueous acrylic paints. Followed by many layers of transparent resin oil colors. Light and shade of the older layers still have an effect on the final result. When the oil color is dried, a final varnish is the last covering layer on top of the painting.

All images are framed by the artist himself. A thin, golden wooden frame surrounds the picture itself, which in turn is mounted on a hardboard, that is coated with fine white cotton fabric. And again the edges of this board are surrounded with a golden wooden frame.



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